We recently launched our very own Oxford Shirts. Just how we think an Oxford Shirt should look like. This video tells why it's so damn great.

Words: Alexander Gram (danish) 

Video: Jon Mørck

If we could only wear one shirt-style for the rest of our lives it would be this: The Oxford Shirt with a Button-Down Shirt. But we had a hard time finding the perfect one. One that checked off all our criteria on how this shirt should look like. And one that wouldn't end up emptying our pockets for all of our hard-earned cash. So - like we did with our tie-problems years back - we solved our own problems by creating our own. Simple as that.


What Makes These Shirts So Damn Special?

Well, it's an excellent question. Luckily it's pretty simple.

First of all, it's made out of the best cotton we could find (and the same that shirts that costs more than the double of what we ask for our shirts are made of).

Second, we had one of the most respected shirt companies in Portugal sew them.

We also have this problem with wearing visible logos. And apparently almost all shirt-makers want to put their logo on the chest of the shirt. So we didn't - so all of our shirts comes with no visible logos.

Then there is this - for us - crucial detail when choosing the right Oxford Button-Down Shirt: the collar has to have the right length. Otherwise, it looks horrible when adding a tie. So we spent a lot of time finding the perfect length and added a nice little roll to the collar. Just perfect when wearing the shirt together with a tie.

And finally, we are forever inspired by the style coming from the Ivy League Schools in America back in the 50's and 60's. So our shirts of course had to have all the cool Ivy League details. Like the third collar-button making sure the ties stays in place all day. And the locker-loop making it easy to store the shirt in your locker room (yes, nostalgic). And finally, the box pleat giving you a greater freedom of movement.

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