AN IVY & Clara Selina Bach 'The Floral Collection' Lookbook

In collaboration with the talented illustrator Clara Selina Bach, we introduce The Floral Capsule Collection. A collection of neckerchiefs, pocket squares and silk- and signature pieces in sharp colors with unique motives in Bach's characteristic style. Watch the lookbook for the collection down below.


Photo: Jon Grossert
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I t’s the little details that make the essential difference to your look. It is a mantra that encapsulates our entire approach to the wardrobe, and which also is the essence of our just launched collab with the talented illustrator Clara Selina Bach, whose creative universe we have admired for a very long time.

Together we have created a collection of unique accessories with motives in Clara Selina Bach’s distinctive style. The motives include both our favorites from Bach’s already existing portfolio, new motives where she has given her creative take on the IVY-universe, just as she also has created a floral logo for the collection: The A flower.

And it is not just the motives that are distinctive in the collection, but also the unique color combinations that provide endless possibilities in your styling of items from ‘The Floral Capsule Collection’.

“I have done a lot to create motives and compositions which includes a lot of color, so you can get different looks and colors out of your pocket square or neckerchief depending on how it’s folded, how it has been put in the pocket, how it’s tied around the neck or even in the hair. In this way, one scarf fits several looks and different color combinations”, says Clara Selina Bach about the Floral Collection.

In the collection you will, first and foremost, find four neckerchiefs which are among our absolute favorite accessories because they can be so versatile and cool. You can wear them under your shirt and blazer, or even just with a t-shirt on the casual days. In this way you can add a little spiciness and extra to your look. You can read a lot more about how a neckerchief can upgrade your look in a split-second right HERE.

In the same characteristic style, you will also find seven different pocket squares that likewise comes along with the unique motives and colors that make Bach’s universe so catchy. Everything from the cool tennis motives that the illustrator has created just for us, to her beautiful Flower In A Glass Vase, which you may already have seen before.

In the collection you will also find both a cap and a navy silk tie with our A Flower motive.

As this collection’s signature piece, we’ve made a 90x90 cm silk scarf with another motive that Bach has created just for this collection, as her twist of the IVY-universe. Use it as a scarf, as an accessory for the hair or use it as art on a wall at your home.

AN IVY & Clara Selina Bach collection have just gone online, and you can find the entire collection HERE in an extremely limited edition.

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