The AN IVY Christimas Gift Guide is here. Your source of inspiration for the coming gift season. How to find the perfect gift for that specific type of person.

We all know the feeling of not knowing what do wish for or what to buy for a certain type of man. So we figured we wanted to try and solve this puzzle. We found five types of men and broke each down to find the perfect gift. Perhaps you can find some inspiration?

The Design Lover



Can’t get enough of design? It’s the type of person who finds the label behind the shirt is as equal important as the fit and quality. Where the small details matter a lot. To this type of guy we strongly suggest going for solid brands and classic designs with a modern twist.

For example, don’t just buy him a classic oxford shirt. Choose one with one of the coolest logos on it: the one from Maison Kitsune. He likes nice things, so of course his perfume matters a lot too. One from Tom Ford never goes wrong. As The Design Lover prefers to be a little sharper than the rest, he likes to carry his laptop around in style why the Document/Computer Bag is the perfect choice. Regarding ties, choose one that is neither too much or too boring, which is why the Polka Dotted Tie is perfect and pair it with the essential Tricolore Tie Bar.

The Classic Guy

We all know this type. The one who always dresses in black, white, grey and blue. And you won’t stand a chance if you try to change this. So choose wisely. Like this classic Braun Watch. And a pair of shoes that have stood the test for several centuries, loafers from GH Bass. The classic guy is also very often pretty organized why a new black leather trimmed nylon briefcase from Want Les Essentiels would be on point for this type.

This guy probably already have some of the essential ties in his wardrobe – a navy silk tie, a black knitted tie. So improve his tie game by adding one in wool to his collection, like The Classic Grey Wool Tie. The Four Striped Tie Bar is the perfect companion to this, and to make sure he can keep calm in style during the cold months, add a Grey Wool Beanie to his wardrobe.

The Food Fanatic

The one who do not zip his cup of Joe at a coffee-chain. The one who do not buy his wine at the local super market. Use this information when shopping his gift. He likes his food, coffee and his wine. So why not upgrade his kitchen with a few things? Like the Chemex Coffee Brewer, that is actually a part of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. If he already got his coffee equipment in order, perhaps try one of the most gorgeous wine glasses out there, namely the ones from Zalto. And to fill the glass, hit the always-great Barolo from house Gaja.

When he enters his favorite restaurant make sure he looks clean in a Navy Knitted Tie. Likewise, when he goes out to do his grocery shopping help him stay warm in the essential Woolen Navy Beanie and the Polka Dotted Scarf in lightweight merino wool.

The Trend-Setter

 The trend-setter is one of the tricky ones. He knows what he wants, and probably has most of it already. But he knows that items that not everybody can see himself in, is the items to wear – for example the green trend. Improve his sock game with these Democratique Socks x Mark McNairy-socks. They will compliment the Dusted Green Knitted Tie perfectly.

A good hydration cream is essential and to play it safe, choose Aesop. Another essential is the fine trousers, however, he wants to be a little sharper than the rest, which is why these from River Island is amazing. As he knows its all about the details he likes to add some fine details that’s why the All Silver Hook Bracelet and the Grey Cable Scarf should do the work.

The ’Got-It-All’

 I don’t know what I wish for to be honest.” Ever heard this before? It’s pretty much because he got it all. So what the f*ck do you give this guy? Easy. The things that a man can live without, but should not. Like this Pyjamas from Hanro. And the grained leather notebook from Smythson. When writing all his ambitious plans in it, he of course needs a proper pen, which is why The Ivy Pen is a must-have for this guy.

A knitted tie is something that all men should have and preferable more than one. Add this beautiful Grey Woven Knitted Tie into his tie-collection and pair it with the cool Navy Tie Bar.

As a last resource, give him something where he can pick his own stuff. This is where our newly launched Gift Card saves your butt. You are welcome.