The Oxford Shirt: Probably The Most Important One

An Oxford Shirt with a button-down collar is perhaps the modern man’s most important shirt. It’s versatile and can be worn to anything from your finest suit to your favorite pair of jeans. Our Oxford Shirts are made by one of the best shirtmakers in Portugal and come with the most important details. The collar has the perfect length and a nice, little roll and there are no visible logos. These Oxford Shirt are the perfect companion for your tie and if you – like us – like the preppy way of dressing, this shirt is your new favorite shirt.

The Essential Colors

We prefer our Oxford Shirts in classic colors such as white, blue or white/blue striped. It’s the Oxford Shirts that work for any occasions and the shirts that all men should have. They are super easy to wear and you can pair just about any trouser, blazer and tie for these type of shirts.

We promise you that these shirts will be your new favorite ones. They are the perfect Oxford Shirts – especially because they have no visible logo.