As lovely the big wine-assortment is, as confusing it can be. This is why we teamed up with Erik Sørensen Wine Company and their sommelier. This is what to drink now.

Just how we like making an effort in the way we dress, we also like to put in an effort to show our guests a good time. A central place here is what we offer to drink. It’s just a nice feeling to know that you are treating your guests’ right. But choosing the right wine can sometimes be a mystery due to the huge selection you can find. One thing we have learned throughout is this: if you got time and are willing to spare a few extra coins, skip the standard supermarket and instead go into a wine-store and get some professional help. Not only will you learn something about your own taste, get a few free samples as well (who do not like this?), but you will also get a history of the wines you will buy and actually will look forward to taste the wine. And if you want to impress your guest, speaking a few words about what they are drinking is a sure thing.

One of our favorite wine-shops here in Copenhagen is Erik Sørensen Wine. Located at St. Kongensgade near Østerbro Station (they also have a store in Hellerup) while also having a lovely web-shop where you can click home the wine. You cannot set a finger on the amazing staff that will make you feel welcome from the very first second, while the selection ranges from the classics such as wines from Chateauneuf du Pape and lots of Barolos while stocking some more unknown territories that will definitely spark your interest.

Sommelier Martin Bonde who has helped us choose the amazing wines for this article. 

We have just come home from our latest visit in the top-notch store and spoke with sommelier, Martin Bonde that helped us choose four wines perfect for the last cold months. To say that Mr. Bonde is a wine-enthusiast would be a strong underestimation. Got his sommelier diploma in 2008, developed his own board game named ‘Sommelier’ while also having written about the pairing of wine and food in the book, “Tatar” by Ranek/Cetti. In sum, a man to listen to when it comes to wine. Here is what he suggests to drink right now:

White Wine

2016 Riesling Schieferterrassen, Kremstal Reserve, Weingut Stadt Krems

 Riesling is probably known by most. Weingut Stadt Krems is one of the oldest wine-producers in Austria with their 550 years history. This white wine is a very elegant one and if you just give it some air in the glass, it will develop nicely and you will experience its entire characteristics. The grapes are harvested by hand and after a process of more than 6 hours, the grapes are pressed.

A wine that can be stored for up to 20 years, but is more than great to drink now. Serve it with sushi, veal, chicken or Asian and Indian dishes.

Price: 150 DKK – Shop now

2015 Morillon Chardonnay, Jeff Carrel, Limoux IGP


Another well-known type of white wine is the chardonnay. But not all are created equal. A test-winner that has gotten praises from several wine-critics due to its different take on the chardonnay wine. An intense white wine with notes of orange and vanilla and a great acidity. All-in-all a memorable chardonnay to an amazing price.

Serve yours with salmon.

Price: 110 DKK – Shop now

Red Wine

 2014 Ripasso Superiore, Valpolicella DOC, Dal Cero


If you like a great Italian wine with lots of fruit and complexity, this Ripasso is for you. Made on the classic grapes Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara and are all harvested by hand in the end September and start October. The wine yard was founded in Verona in 1934 by Augusto Dal Cero and is today run by four of the family’s third generation – and have all set their signature on the etiquette. Again, a lovely story to tell to your guests when offering them this great Ripasso.

Price: 175 DKK – Show now

2014 The Dead Arm Shiraz, d’Arenberg, McLaren Vale


Wondering about the siginificant name, Dead Arm? Actually it is named after a mushroom disease that has hit parts of d’Arenbergs Shiraz and kills one half of the vine’s (Danish: vinstokke) two arms thus naturally only giving rise to half of the grapes. Most digs the vine up, but d’Arenberg lets it stay as it gives the remaining grapes an extra concentration.

The list of praises from various wine-critics is huge – for example it has gotten 95/100 points from recognized JamesSuckling. It’s called one of Australia’s iconic wines. Not bad to tell your guests, either. Expect great dark fruit such as blackcurrant and blackberry with a hint of liquorice and spices. Firm tannins and a nice structure.

Price: 330 DKK – Shop now