The alternative jackets that look just as cool paired with a tie like a blazer does. We show you five cool ways to wear a tie more casually. 

Photos: Victor Jones

Historically, the tie is worn together with a suit. Or as time passed, just a blazer and a complimentary pair of trousers. But with the rise of fashion magazines, runway shows and not the least social media, the rules of fashion has become more and more shallow and almost non-existing. You can know wear the most expensive shoes and rock it with a pair of denim’s from the low-budget chains. Or – one of our favorites – it’s now more than OK to wear a pair of sneakers when you rock your favorite suit. And while some trends are cool and some are definitely not, you should embrace this change and play a bit with your style. We have always said that getting dressed should be fun. And wearing a tie is exactly that. And you don’t need to pair the tie with your suit, or even just a blazer. There are multiple ways to wear a tie and by doing so, you get so much more out of your wardrobe. We created five looks to show you how you can wear a tie without a blazer. Ways that makes it a bit more casual than your normal tie-outfits, but definitely work!

1. The Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket has been a favorite for many seasons now. Especially those in suede. And a bomber jacket can be worn in multiple ways. From the casual Sunday look with a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans to a more formal one like this. We believe that the bomber jacket looks super cool when paired with a nice pair of trousers. And to make the look a bit more dressy, the penny loafers is our go-to move. Wearing loafers and bomber jackets together will be forever cool in our minds. Due to the brown color of the bomber jacket, we paired it with our new herringbone silk tie in navy that has a complimentary brown and dusty red stripes woven into it.

2. The Denim Jacket

The denim jacket will probably never go out of fashion. It’s a piece that has stood the test of time and just keeps being relevant. And actually, it’s an awesome jacket to pair with a tie due to the rugged and cool look it gives which balances the elegance and formal feeling coming from the tie. Again, we like to pair a more casual jacket with a pair of trousers. But to keep the casual feel of the outfit, we added a pair of sneakers with this fit. To give the look a little splash of colors, without it being too much, our new premium tie in a beautiful bordeaux-red color seemed like this perfect tie to go for here. The color combination of this type of red together with the dark blue is simply amazing.

3. The Utility Jacket

Another favorite when it comes to outerwear is the army green utility jacket. The jacket is incredibly versatile which means you can wear it to basically anything. Wear it over your suit to dress it a bit down, wear it with a pair of jeans, etc. etc. – it will look cool every single time. We paired the jacket with another item that is one of our favorite items to wear: white jeans. And no, the white jeans is not just for summer. It’s just as cool during fall and we believe this look shows it clearly. The earthy tones from the jacket is complimented by a pair of brown suede sneakers. Likewise, we like to play with different with different tones of the same color when we choose what to wear with what. And that is why we went for the green and blue striped tie from our new collection. It goes really well when paired with the army green utility jacket.

4. The Overshirt 

The overshirt has really gotten itself a comeback this season. All the coolest fashion houses has introduced their own interpretation of this item this season. And it sure looks great when paired with a tie. You can find overshirts in all different types of material, colors and fits. This one is a bit oversized, but we believe it emphasizes how many ways you can actually wear with a tie. It doesn’t just have to be a slim denim jacket or a tight bomber jacket. It’s more than OK to play with proportions and wear a cool silk tie with a bit over-sized over shirt. And here, our silk tie with clear references to the Ivy League-schools goes incredibly well together with the camel colored overshirt with the yellow details.

5. The Workwear Jacket

Last but not least, the workwear jacket. A bit of a mix between an overshirt and a denim jacket. There is not much new over the sun when describing this – everything that you need to know about why it goes well when paired with a tie is mentioned in all the other sections of this article. But what we do want to say is the color combination here. A little tip is that navy and army green is perhaps one of the coolest combinations. So next time you wear a nay suit (or of course, a navy workwear jacket) pair it with your favorite army green tie – if you don’t have one, invest. You won’t regret it.