How to step ahead of your colleagues and impress your boss. Five neat ways to dress for work this winter.

All photos by Victor Jones

September has past and now the calendar (almost) indicates that winter is here. Whatever you do for a living, there is a lot to be said about making an effort. Making an effort on how you do your job, but also how you appear. Showing your colleagues and boss that you have actually putted thoughts into your way of dressing will make a difference. Clients will appreciate it, your colleagues will respect it and your boss will notice it. And you will actually also benefit: it will change your mindset when feeling good about your look. You’ll feel good, you’ll perform good.

To help you stand out (of course in a good way) we have put together five different looks that will raise your style-game. And they will work whether you are in a formal office, or it’s a more casual one.

The Cardigan-and-Tie

Wearing a tie does not always have to be when you are in a full suit or a blazer. Instead, rocking one with a cardigan can be a more casual way of adding some sartorial finish to your look. Because it’s more “casual” on top, add your finest trousers to pair it with. As brown is the color of the season, we chose a cardigan in camel and chose a dark knitted tie to compliment it. A knitted tie works really well with a cardigan because its more casual appears than for example a silk tie. The brown and black really goes well here. To create a harmonious look, we finished it off with a pair of brown brogues. And of course, we keep organized with the essential Computer/Document Bag made in 100% saffiano leather.

The Colored Jeans

Many makes the mistake that they believe it’s all about the “top”. Picking the right shirt, the right blazer etc. And indeed, this is of course very important, but you cannot just forget about what pair of jeans/trousers you pair them with. A way of giving your office attire more flair, try to switch up your normal pair of jeans with a colored one. Again, as brown is the color of the season, choosing one in brown is not a bad choice. As a bonus, it works great together with your navy blazer. We love mixing fine and the more rugged look, so we added a neat silk tie to pair it with and a blazer with a colored shawl – almost like it’s a tuxedo-jacket.

Scarfs and Boots

Of course, a tie is not the only thing you can put around your neck. Wearing a scarf during office hours can actually be a great thing. Of course, just make sure it’s a one in a light-weight material, such as this 100% merino wool scarf. To make sure your colleagues will not make too many silly comments about it (buy hey, what do they know about dressing?), rock it with one of your power suits. You might want to make it a tone-in-tone look and pair it with your favorite navy suit like we did here.

Likewise, winter is for boots. And boots can also be for the office – as long as you choose the right ones. A pair of Suede Chelsea Boots is never a bad option. Great way of mixing things up a bit down beneath.

The Wool Blazer 

When talking about the winter dress code at the office, you cannot avoid the classic grey wool blazer. It’s perhaps the perfect item for that time of the year. But chances are, that many of your colleagues also know this basic style trick. So how do you stand out? Pair it with a flaired knit tie, a noticeable pocket square, a pair of black jeans and your crisp white sneakers. It’s mixing old and new. It’s mixing formal and casual. And it works every time!

Power Trousers and Blazers

We could not make an office article without having a power move added. And that is just what this is. It’s what to wear on the day you have that important meeting with your boss. Or when you are up for closing one of your big deals. So how do we dress for this? With an awesome pair of wool trousers (cropped of course) and a double-breasted navy blazer. The tie we think is the perfect companion for this combination is ‘The Smart One’ – made in 100% silk and added with winter-friendly green and red stripes. This winter’s essential, if you ask us. When going for such a look it’s important to think about all the details. Add a neat gold tie bar, a crisp white pocket square and finish it with a pair of monk straps shoes. These are in suede that compliments the wool from the trousers in a great way.