Make sure you got the essentials right to keep your bathroom routine in order. We talk what a man should know and have. From face cleanser to toothpaste.

We all have our very own morning routine. Wether it is a cup of joe as the first thing, the newspaper, checking your emails, getting the gym before the sun rises or you read 30 minutes of a good book. But sooner or later, we all go to the bathroom to help us get our game on. We make sure our face is ready for the day with a good shave and that people won’t avoid us all day because of the stank of sweat. But have you ever wondered what types of items you really should have? And which items that actually makes the bathroom look even better? We have. So we decided to find out. These are the results (and we have already implemented much of it – the rest goes on to the christmas wish list).

1. The Face Cleanser 

Your face gets dirty all the time. When you sleep and during the day. So it’s rather important to treat it good and make sure you cleanse it at least one time a day (if you can do this both at mornings and at night, you should). So which one to use, you ask? The Fabolous Face Cleanser from Aesop. It’s mild, which it should because the frequent use and it’s boosted with purifying and hydrating botanicals. It will leave your face feel refreshed and calm at the same time.

2. The Moisturizer:

After cleansing, you need to moisture up. There is plenty of good choices, and you can even get some great ones from Aesop, that will complement the above cleanser great. Our favorite, however, is the one from LAB Series. It’s a great balance facial cream that will help your face regain balance without getting to oiled up. And it’s actually an anti-age cream that will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. The Handwash

If you are like us, you like the smell of nice things. This is why we oddly enough have become obsessed with finding the right hand washes. Luckily, it’s not only good for the smell of our bathroom and our hands afterwards, but they are actually worth the investment as they protect your hands better. Lately, we have been obsessed with the one from Floris London. The Cefiro Hand Wash is a blend of citrus and spicy ingredients. Big fans already!

4. The Razor 

If there is something that you should care about (at least if you got facial hair) it’s finding the right razor. Yes, you can go for the classic ones from Gillette etc. but it’s just not as cool, right? You want to stand out from the crowd. We recently found the ones from Ernest Supplies, which actually also has a pretty great appearance to it – and when have you last seen one of those? And for only $35, it’s a steal.

5. The Toothpaste

We all use it, so why not having something that is a little different from the rest? Go Italian with these premium toothpastes from Marvin. You got Amerelli Licorice, Ginger Mint, Classic Mint and on and on. The taste is great and they look so cool! Actually a toothpaste that you want to show off.

6. The Perfume

Perhaps the most important thing on this list as it’s the one that other people really notice. So make sure that it’s a scent that compliments your personality – so choose wisely. We have for many years been huge fans of the Swedish Brand, Byredo. The bottle design is clean and slick and the scents are amazing and different. We cannot help you which one to choose but we can highly recommend Gypsy Water, Mister Marvelous, Super Cedar or Sunday Cologne.