Video: Pocket Square – The Finishing Touch

It’s The Littlest Things That Makes The Biggest Difference

If you ask us, the pocket square is perhaps the single most indispensable accessories for defining a man of style right now. With a well-chosen pocket square you can boost your outfit in less than a few seconds, and lift it to whole new heights. It’s the icing on the cake and you should never wear a blazer without one. But then, how do you become a man of style by rocking a pocket square the right way? How should you fold it? What fabric should you choose? How should it compliment your tie? That’s what we guide you through in this IVY-guide and teach you how to master the pocket square game. We make sure you take all the right decisions.

First, The Most Important Rule:

Never match your tie with your pocket square! NEVER! It looks horrible and it is a misunderstanding that we want to wipe out forever. Hence, a pocket square should instead compliment your tie. Doing so is not a science, it is an art. There’s no steadfast rule for choosing a pocket square and no restrictions in either color or pattern selection. Play with it and see what it works. It can be playing with likewise colors, such as grey and blue (which always works), or it can be by mixing a plaid pocket square to a plaid shirt. If in doubt, stay with solid colors and not too much eye-catching print.


Most shops around does only have the flamboyant silk versions of a pocket square. And that’s a shame if you ask us. Yes, a silk pocket square can look good, however, the fact is that most dont. It’s often just overshooting. Instead we recommend pocket squares in linen, cotton or wool. Linen for summer, wool for winter and cotton for all year around. It’s funny how a small swatch of fabric can set your style ahead of the pack. When chosen wisely, a pocket square can make a tailored getup memorable. On the flip side, it can turn a tightly executed kit into a bit of mess. With these types of fabrics, you make sure that your look is stylish, contemporary and cool without being too much and too.

Colors and Patterns

As we said previously, there are no true rules regarding colors and patterns. If it looks right and feels right, walk out the door. Even though you can do whatever feels right, the sure winners are often the solid pocket squares, and especially the solid white one. It works to perfection – just have a look at Don Draper in Mad Men. But it does not necessarily always have to be that simple. The right qualities with good textures are cooler than ever, so feel free to play with polka dots, paisley pattern, floral print and checks.

I’m About To Buy My First (or second) Pocket Square – Which Should I Buy?

All men should have a all white pocket square, no doubt in our minds. And please stand out from the crowd by not choosing it in silk. Yes, the silk version is essential, but only to formal events such as your own wedding or black tie events. Otherwise, go for one in cotton.

When you already have this, we would go for one in blue. Chances are that you have a lot of blue or grey blazers, and the blue ones really compliment these two styles of jackets good. Try one with a little pattern, now that you already have a solid one in white.

How To Fold It

Again, it is an art, not a science. Sometimes its cool just to curl the pocket square and throw it into your pocket. But there are still some ways that are better than others. And remember, don’t make it look too much. You don’t want it to look like your kid on 2 years did it to you. Here are the two different folds that we believe are the essential ways to fold a pocket square:

1. The Classic And Streamlined Way:

2. The Casual And Artful Way:

To Make It Easier For You:

To increase the chances of you becoming a man of style, you get a free pocket square when you buy just two ties. Now, that’s not bad. Especially because you freely choose yourself. You can play safe and choose the all white pocket square, or you can go down the different road to make it pop some more.

Four Pocket Square Quickies

Now that you master the Pocket Square-game, just take these 4 quickies with you while we got you. With these you can’t go wrong.  

  1. Shiny silk pocket squares are out of style.
  2. Try to wear a pocket square that echoes a colour in your shirt or tie.
  3. It takes practice to master the perfect imperfection when you fold it. But it is worth the time, people will notice. 
  4. Solid pocket squares in white, denim or charcoal goes with almost anything. 

Remember – never wear a blazer without a pocket square in your blazer’s pocket!