An essential part of keeping warm during cold months is the scarf. But how to wear it? We guide you. Five easy ways to make it look cooler than cool.

As it’s getting colder, priority number one is keeping warm. Easy enough. But doing so in style can sometimes be a bit more challenging. Mastering the art of layering can be tricky as there is so many ways. And what ways do work and what ways don’t? One of the essential part in this layering game is the scarf. The piece of fabric you throw around your neck to prevent catching a cold. But as scarfs are getting longer, bigger and comes in various styles, how do you throw it around your neck? Which scarf do you choose? And can you wear it with a tie? Let’s lead the way.

1. Let It Hang

The easiest way of rocking a scarf is simply by laying it around your neck and do nothing with it. Just let it hang. It might not be the smartest solution when the degrees are hitting minus, but it can add some serious sartorial injection to your daily outfits. This can also be done when you feel like you want to wear a scarf inside as it doesn’t get too warm while wearing it avoiding to get a sweat-attack. Look at the picture of Jon Hamm above, looking real sharp with a scarf hanging loosely over his sweater.

2. Tuck It Into Your Blazer

Wearing a blazer on a daily basis? Then the scarf should be your best friend this winter. Why? because it looks amazing as a layering piece to the blazer. Put on your blazer and then add a scarf around and then button the blazer so the scarf falls underneath it. It adds great flair to your outfit and will make you stand out from the crowd in a good, good way.

3. Add Dots

Want to be as cool as Nick Wooster above? Perhaps not quite possible, but you can try. Steal his trick here and add some polka dots to your favorite winter coat. For us men, it can sometimes be difficult to integrate real patterns within our daily outfits. Wearing a patterned shirt can be difficult, like a patterned coat or blazer might be a too bold statement for many – even though it can look awesome. So do it in a gently way be rocking a patterned scarf – and here, the polka dots is a sure thing.

4. Wear It With A Tie

You might ask – “is it too much to wear a scarf while rocking a tie?” And sure, we get you here. Is it really possible to wear two pieces of neckwear without looking like one who tried too hard? Luckily, it is. But we got a few tips here. Don’t make it too much, meaning that if you wear a patterned tie add a simple scarf – or make sure it compliments each other by color or patterns. If you on the other hand wear a simple tie, you can add a more detailed and eye-catching scarf making the palette a bit bigger.

5. Tuck It Inside

Sometimes the coolest thing is not to show off. Instead you show – in a discrete way – that you are a man of details and know how to master the art of layerings. One way of doing so is by showing the scarf very little. Instead, tick it into your coat, your blazer, your shirt – what ever. A subtle sign of style. But please don’t do it with your thick wool scarf. Instead, add a lightweight scarf that actually feels nice to your skin and won’t irritate the skin.