Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the biggest difference. The tie bar will make your shirt-and-tie combinations come to life. This is how to wear a tie bar.

The tie bar. The little piece of metal that will make your shirt-and-tie-combos come to life. Once forgotten, but now back – and perhaps better and cooler than ever. The tie bar is how some of fashion’s tastemakers stand out from the crowd. And so should you. It’s safe to say that we are huge fans of the tie bar. We pretty much wear a tie bar every time that we wear a tie. It’s like icing on the cake. That last finishing touch that makes it all come together. But how do you war one? We will take you through the basics + some more. This is all you need to know about tie bars. The ultimate guide.


The placement is perhaps the most important thing. Where do you place your tie bar? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. You don’t want to wear the tie bar too low or too high. The easiest way to find the correct placement is to use your shirt as a guideline. Place it between the third and fourth button.

Picking The Right Tie Bar

Next is picking the right tie bar. Like choosing the the correct pocket square, it’s a bit of an art. But there are some basic rules you can follow. First of all, you can wear a silver tie bar to just about everything. It’s the safe choice. The next classic one is one gold. Like the one in silver, it can be worn to just about any ties. Just make sure that the golden color compliments the rest of your look and the feel you want to indicate with your outfit. A black tie bar is also a pretty simple and cool choice. It can give your light ties a bit of a contrast, like it will create a toned and low-key look when paired with darker ties.

Then you have the colored ones. Wearing a tie bar should be fun, and wearing one in colors is just that. Think about what colors compliment each other. Notice what other colors there is in your tie, shirt or pocket square and try to match these. For example, a navy tie would look cool together with a lighter blue one. Or a dark red silk tie paired with a dusty red tie bar is likewise an amazing combination. There are no script to how this is done, so be playful. Wearing one will set you a part stylewise from your peers in all the right ways, so don’t worry so much.


The width of a tie bar is the next very important thing. There is one very important rule in this matters! A tie bar should also be less width than your tie. So if you are wearing a tie that are 7cm, never wear a tie bar that is more than that. We (like most other fashion trendsetters and magazines) prefer our tie bars slim. We find the perfect width of a tie bar to be between 3-4cm. Of course, if you wear a tie that is 9 cm width (you shouldn’t, but lets just play this scenario out), then 3cm is of course too narrow. Then you should find one between 5-6 cm. If your tie is between 5-8 cm wide, tie bars in 3-4cm will do the job perfectly.


It’s obvious, but remember that a tie bar both are a stylish and functional item. Make sure that it fastens both ends to the placket of your shirt. It will help make sure that your tie is never out of proportion.

To Make It Easier For You

To increase the chances of you becoming a man of style, you get a free tie bar when you buy just two ties. Now, that’s not bad. Especially because you freely choose yourself. You can play safe and choose the all silver tie bar, or you can go down a different road and choose a more playful one to make it pop some more.

Five Quickies

  1. Wear a tie bar when your wear a tie.
  2. Be aware of the width
  3. Place it between your third and fourth button.
  4. Dare to play with colors
  5. Remember to fasten your tie bar to both the tie and the shirt.