Second editorial that shows how we wear the new collection. From suits to the army jacket. And some of our favorite shirt-and-tie combinations.

All photos by Victor Jones.

A couple of weeks ago we showed you the first part on how we wear our new collection. It featured the three-buttoned suit, rolled up sleeves, the coach jacket and much more. This time we went to the streets and made it a bit more dressed up. We rocked some of our favorite shirt-and-tie combinations while we dressed down the classic checked suit.

1. Shades of Blue

You probably wear a blue shirt quite often. We do too. Luckily, choosing a tie to go with a blue shirt is pretty easy as many colors work very well to this. However, there is one we use more than the rest. And that is to wear a different tone of blue to the blue shirt. Like here, a basic lightblue shirt paired with a tie in a slight darker tone. And as icing on the cake, the babyblue tie bar and the indigo paisley pocket square work brilliantly to make the whole look come to life.

Another note on this look is how we used the knit tie to dress down the formality coming from the classic grey checked suit. Works every single time.

2. Stripes on Stripes

Another favorite shirt-and-tie combination. A striped shirt paired with a striped tie. For us, the striped tie is an essential as it just works every single time. Likewise we like to use the pocket square to bring it all together. The white and blue tones coming from the shirt made ‘The Italian’ pocket square an easy choice as it does not completely matches the colors, but compliments them. Both the shirt and the tie to be precise.

3. The White Sneaker 

Think about it for a minute. This look is pretty ‘business’ like. A light grey checked suit, a white shirt and an awesome dark-red silk tie with paisley patterns (also why we called this tie ‘The Counselor’). But we didn’t want to make an all business-look here. So what to do? Add a pair of sneakers. And the easy choice here is a pair of white ones (Common Projects especially). White can be paired with just about everything and it won’t disturb the other great details too much. A basic trick we use on a weekly basis.

4. The Army Jacket

The first three looks have been all about suits. However, a suit and a blazer is definitely not the only jacket that works with a tie. Previously this week, we talked about ‘how to look more Italian‘, and one of the ways was to wear an army jacket. And this was just what we did. Pair it with a white or blue shirt (or white and blue striped as we do here) to get the full out of the green color. And pairing the tone of green with a navy tie is not a bad move at all. Due to the informality of the army jacket, you can wear your most business-like tie with it, without looking like a banker.

5. Mix and Match 

Dressing has to be fun. So sometimes break the so-called rules, or try something new. We try on a daily basis to see if we can figure out some new outfits we haven’t thought of before. It’s a way of getting more out of your wardrobe in a fun and cheap way. So don’t wear the same suit over and over again. Try to pair your navy blazer with a pair of colored jeans, like the green ones here. Or take the trousers from one suit and pair it with a jacket from another one like we did on the other look.