We caught up with the well-dressed comedian, Nikolaj Stokholm, to talk about the most bizarre incidents on stage, his show-uniform, what’s next and much more.  

With more than 90 shows it is safe to say that Nikolaj Stokholm has been on the run the last several months. Due to a heavy demand to see his show, Mr. Stokholm and his team decided to throw in a bunch of extra shows and well… they sold out too. So how has it been to be on the run all these months? What is some of the craziest moments when being on the stage? And finally, what is next for one of Denmark’s most prominent comedians? We asked and Stokholm answered.

With more than 90 shows the past months, it must be safe to say that you have some crazy stories to tell. What are some of those that pop up first in mind?

Stokholm: The first thing that runs into my mind is actually my very first performance. It was my pre-premier where many of my friends and family had shown – it was a full house, all seats were occupied. Of course, I was very excited for my very first show on this tour and it all started well. Then suddenly, I think it was like 20 minutes into the show, it just started to drip down with water from the ceiling. So I was standing there, performing and all, and then the stage just started to get wet. So what did I do? I stepped aside, talked a bit about it and few moments after we got a bucket on stage and placed it where the drops fell.

And of course, this is not ideal, but actually this is where I step up. It makes me loosen up a bit, so my performance was actually just getting better because of it.

Another story – more sad though – was when performing in Odense. Remember, that because of all the lighting that points directly into my face I can’t see anything out in the audience. So all of the sudden, my technician yelled my name: “NIKOLAJ!! STOP A MINUTE.” And I was like, “Ehm, okay…” I thought perhaps I had clicked the wrong button or something. “There is someone who isn’t feeling very good.” And then the lighting was turned on and I could see this man lying down. He got too warm or something like this, so he got help to get out.

So there I was, standing on the stage, and where do I begin? I couldn’t say anything funny about this, because it isn’t something to make fun of. But then all of the sudden, the crowd started laughing. And I said: “No, you can’t be laughing at this”. And they started laughing out even more. Pretty insane experience!

 It sure sounds like it. Is there any joke in particular that is a favorite of yours?

Stokholm: I wouldn’t say I have a favorite joke, but I like it when I say something that is so obvious, but still surprises people big time. For example, I have this joke about sex education in my primary school, where we were told to put on a condom on a flamingo-penis. And where I say: “Of course not the animal….” It is so obvious, but the audience is just as surprised every time. That is something I really love to do!

When performing, you are pretty well-dressed, we must say. And we noticed that even your technician “wears” a tie. Please explain?

Stokholm: I have this guy who is with me to all the show. He works just for me these months. He is my go-to guy and he is the one in charge of all the lights, the complete stage, the set-up etc. He is priceless! And usually, these guys just have this standard “crew” t-shirts, or something like this. But I am the type of person who likes to think about it all, even the very small details. So of course, he had to dress like me. But obviously, he couldn’t go along wearing a suit or even a shirt and tie when doing all these kinds of things. So I designed this t-shirt that has a tie on it. In that way, when people see him, they can easily recognize that he is a part of the show.

Speaking about your dressing style, what are you dressed in yourself when you hit the stage?

Stokholm: Of course, I wear a full suit. But people are used to seeing me in a suit, and they bought a ticket just to see me, so I thought I had to step it up a bit why I chose a navy double-breasted one with pinstripes from Cavaliere. Navy is my favorite color, and what suits me the best. The oxford shirt is from Gant and the brown shoes are from Tiger of Sweden. The pocket square is yellow and is the exact same pantone color as every other yellow color we use – from posters, to the carpet etc. And lastly, I wear your guys’ tie, ‘The Conqueror’.

Why ‘The Conqueror’?

Stokholm: Well, first I actually thought I would wear ‘The Vintage’. But when I tried that at home, my wife looked at me and said, “This doesn’t work.” And I agreed. So then I rolled out the drawer to see which of all the ties I have from you that could do the work. And the stripes from ‘The Conqueror’ go very well with the pinstripes coming from the suit.

And we are very proud and glad that you picked this. Looks amazing! Now you are almost finished and are having the last shoes this February. What is next?

Stokholm: First, I will take a break the first 30 days. It has been pretty hectic and busy these months – also with Christmas Lunches and everything. But from there, I will see which other new projects I will do. I don’t have a full master plan on what I am going as the first thing. I have a 5-year plan, not a year-to-year plan. After the break it is all about trying new stuff. Having small gigs trying something new and weird. That is how I create my material. I have a bunch of stuff that I try out, and then I see how it gets shaped from time to time.

With a show like this, it is written pretty broad. Like, it’s a commercial show where the topics and the things I say have to be understood and be funny for the general audience. The new, small things will not be this commercial, why people might think ‘what was that I just experienced?’ But I promise, it will be fun. It will just be different! Now I start from scratch. It’s Nikolaj Stokholm 2.0. I have no backlist to fall back on, because we have just used it.

It’s about getting inspired again. And not this fancy way, that I go down in the book shop and buy a book an then go down to one of those fancy cafés and order a cortado. That is just not how it works. It will be small gigs at small places with a minor set-up and then we take it from there.