Make sure to set yourself up for success by bringing the essentials with you to work. The bag and everything you need to put into it. We guide you.

On our daily commute to work we find ourselves doing the same thing over and over again. So we better make sure that is is the correct things we are doing so we are setting ourself up for success. For example, what do you actually need to carry to work? What will make an impression at the office stylewise? What do we actually need during the day to make the most out of it? And how do we organize it all?

1. The Bag

Clearly, this is one of the big things. It follows us almost everywhere we go doing office-hours, so this is what our colleagues and clients see us with the most. So we better make sure it’s the right one. Picking the right one depends on your job as it depends on yourself. Is it a classic one? Or can it be a more casual and non-office one? Does it need to be hard in it’s material to avoid paper getting torn out of proportion? We have two favorites ourselves:

The classic: A Briefcase

A briefcae has a solid place in the history of man’s bag. Perhaps because it’s very non-woman-like. It’s for sure a man bag. They are usually structured so important paperwork and documents stay neatly protected while having small pockets inside to keep organized. We prefer ours in leather, and like with so many other things, we like it if the leather has some texture to give it a bit of flair. This one from Hugo Boss is really good, and remember, when it’s one of the items you wear every single day and one that people around you notices, you better make sure it’s an investment piece. So don’t find the cheapest one in Zara or H&M – at least if you ask us. Shop

The smart: A Tote Bag

This is one of those bags we have carried ourselves for the last couple of years. The Tote Bag has a less formal appearance than the briefcase, but is indeed a smart choice. It’s very practical with a shoulder strap and the size of it makes sure you can carry all your belongings. This one from Want Les Essentiels is perfect, crafted from a nice brown organic cotton with leather trimmed handles. If you like to stand our from the crowd, this is the one to go for. Shop

2. The Computer Sleeve

You might ask, ‘isn’t this also a bag?’ And yes, of course it is. But the role it plays is very different from the two others. This is your between-meeting bags. Where you can have your important powerpoint-presentation and a couple of papers as well. Not room enough for your keys, a fresh shirt etc. but it is so handy when it comes to being on-the-go and don’t need a lot of things inside. And the awesome thing is, that it fits into most of the other bags. So you have a bag in the bag – so you have more options during the day. Smart, right?

Likewise, it protects one of our most important office-things: our laptop. Don’t make a lousy example by having a greasy and scratched laptop when you come to client meetings.

As a very last note, it just makes your on-the-go-look so much cooler. Trust us! Shop

3. The Notebook

Nope, this isn’t about the infamous film. It is an actual notebook. You need an organized way of remembering things – your to-do-list, your brilliant ideas throughout the day, your notes from that important meeting. We carry one around everywhere we go, because we got the advise of a very smart man a couple of years ago: “Never trust your memory. Instead, trust your notebook.” You can buy them pretty much everywhere and to every price point, but we have dreamed of one from Smythson for as long as we can remember. Shop

4. The Pen

The notebook is not too very much use without a pen. And make sure to choose one that actually has some design to it. You don’t want to put your signature on that important deal with some average and boring pen. Have one that is your very own. One that follow you everywhere you go together with your notebook. And one you are proud to take out of your bag. With this in mind, we created ‘The Ivy Pen’ – classic, black and gold. What’s not to like? Shop

5. The Closer Tie

We all need this. That it’s-time-to-business-tie. We love knitted ties, but it’s just not formal enough for this one. Not enough power. Here, you need a great striped silk tie. You probably close the deal in a blue or white shirt – so we chose one that suits both. The Inevitable. Power stripes, a great navy shade and in a great textured silk. Boom. Deal closed. Shop