Because Italian’s know how to get dressed. The reason? These brands. Making sure you look your best at all times. These are our favorites. 

If any country in the world has got life right, it’s Italy. From food, architecture, art, football, coffee, wine and of course fashion. But with so many great stuff it can be difficult to find what is actually best. While we might not be able to answer where to get the best food in Italy, we sure can tell you which brands you need to know (and wear) when it comes to fashion. These are favorite Italian brands.

1. Aspesi

Jacket from Aspesi – shop right here

Aspesi focuses on utility workwear. The brand got this smart-casual feel to it and their lightweight blazers and utility jacket has for a long time now been some of our favorites. Like all the brands on this list, the quality of the fabric they use are simply amazing and the simple approach they have to design makes it so easy to integrate most of their items into your own wardrobe and give the items your very own spin.

2. Barena

This corduroy blazer is simply amazing. Find it here

Barena has some of the same vibe as Aspesi, but the brand is a bit more Italian preppy-like. The brands draws inspiration on the heritage of Venice’s textile industry. They has a emphasis on soft tailoring and has the perfect mix of formal, flexibility and sports. Especially the knitwear from Barena is amazing.

3. Brunello Cuccinelli 

The king of cashmere. The brand that goes under the same name as the designer himself is simply amazing. Unfortunately, the prices are likewise reflecting this. But what we use this brand for is inspiration. The chicness of his designs and use of colors such as camel and light blue is just awesome. We highly recommend to draw inspiration on how to wear your blazers from Mr. Brunello Cuccinelli.

4. Boglioli 

Perhaps the best wool-blazer this season. Find it here – it’s a solid investment. 

Many know this brand. And for good reason. They got the Italian way of dressing figured all out. This Brescia-based brand has become synonymous with neat and lightweight tailoring, but most notably, unstructured jackets. It’s take on suited looks are adored by people all over the world and are stocked in some of the greatest shops around the world. If you don’t already have a suit from this brand, that should be on your wish-list/goals-list.