About AN IVY

The story about AN IVY

AN IVY was founded in 2013 with a rebellious spirit, a need for something different (and better) and with a lofty objective: to offer the best classic menswear accessories with a modern twist - for half the price.

om an ivy


Every idea starts with a problem. Our problem was simple: classic menswear accessories were either too boring or too expensive. When we started we were both young men in the beginning of our 20's who wanted to dress up without looking like we were born in the wrong decade. We also wanted to do so without going bankrupt. So we decided to create our own solution and offer it to the world. The result became AN IVY.

Since then it has been a fantastic journey. What started out with five knitted ties has now resulted in more than 150 items from awesome silk ties to Italian leather goods. We are proud to have been showcased several times in fashion magazines such as Euroman and have been seen on TV at award-shows and on TV-personalities such as Esben Bjerre and Anders Breinholt. We are also stocked at some of the greatest Danish retailers.


"When you want to look your best, you can count on us"

But what makes us so special? 


It's pretty simple. We have just one goal: to offer the very best designed accessories to help you dress better. Our products are our interpretation on how a modern man should look. We are obsessed in finding new ways to design ties and other accessories and every single detail are designed by us. We are nerd-like and we won't present a products unless we are 110% proud of it and would wear it ourselves. Our features on several fashion trendsetters and magazines such as Euroman and Café Magazine are proof to the fact that you can trust us on this.

Price vs. quality

Our prices may be affordable, but we never cut corners when it comes to quality. You can't build a long-term business (and we aim to be here for a looong time), by offering products that will not last. We aim to create products that can follow you for years to come. We work with some of the best manufacturers in the world when it comes to ties and accessories. The same ones who are trusted by some of the most well-known fashion brands in the world. So you can be confident that our quality will stand up to any premium brand out there - we just don't have a ridiculous mark-up like most others.

The Experience

Shopping should be a great and fun experience. And inspiring too. That's why we have such a big emphasize on the customer experience too. For example, all our ties and tie bars comes in a specialized AN IVY box while each order also gets a personal 'thank you'-note written by us. We also try to inspire and educate about 'how to wear a tie', 'the latest trends' and everything in between. You can find our blog right here and all of our editorials where we show how you can wear a dress (with a tie) in multiple ways here. We hope you can feel how much effort we put in this.

Customer service

Our vision is to have the best customer service in the world. We see ourselves as experts in the field of ties and accessories and helping our customers to dress better has always been our highest priority. We want to make shopping your new accessories both cool, fun and inspiring. If you got a style-related question such as 'what tie to choose for a summer wedding' or 'how do I wear a tie casually?' please don't hesitate to get in touch. We would love to help you become the best (dressed) version of yourself.

"the tie is the simple choice - what man doesn't look great in a shirt and tie?"

For us the tie is a man's most important accessory. It's the safe choice that works every single time. At AN IVY we design modern essentials for the ‘everyday-man’. It is just as much for the young gentleman who is about to buy his very first tie as it is for the well-informed fashionista who wants to take his game up a notch with a well-chosen accessory.  

We hope you like what you see and read. And remember, you are always more than welcome to contact us!

All the best from the AN IVY-team,

Alexander Gram and Nikolaj Dylsing Olsen