At AN IVY we understand the importance of dressing extraordinary well.  On a mission to elevate the everyday, we celebrate the opportunity to excel in all aspects of our lives.

Sartorial history – Contemporary culture – Personal identity


The act of getting dressed is probably the most common activity that all of us can relate to. We do it every single day. And often we even change outfits to mark the shift between daytime and evening. It’s a versatile discipline: Sometimes we don’t consider the garments, we just put them on. Other times they mean everything. AN IVY wants to be there when they do. And in our opinion, that’s always.

"A brand that evolves into a movement that supports men in all aspects of their lives"

People trust our advise and products. They come to us not only for our products but for the lifestyle we elude. AN IVY is created because we wish to create contemporary and fashion-forward ties and accessories for men who want more. But we also exist because we want to create a brand that over the years evolves into a movement that supports men in all aspects of their lives.

Naturally, as designers and manufacturers, we try to respect – and negotiate with – sartorial history, contemporary culture and personal identity. We do everything we can to live up to our ambition: To educate, advise and supply the growing number of men who realize the impact of dressing well. And we are proud to provide men with the opportunity to excel.

Better design. Made accessible. 

An Ivy is positioned in the crossfire between a good price point, a great eye for design and a high quality guaranteed by our Danish standards. Our expertise lies in creating contemporary, fashion-forward ties and accessories for men who realize the impact of dressing well.

At AN IVY, we belie in classics. But our approach is anything but borring; it's playfull and innovative.

We are the sum of a dynamic mix of influences: The heritage and stylish elegance of the American Ivy League Schools; the challenger-attitude and relentless energy of Wall Street go-getters; Japan's eccentric take on "Ivy" style; never-sleeping cities; and city-savyy coolness of personalities such as Andy Spade and David Hockney. 

Dressing well does really make an impact. For all. Therefore, it's an essential part of AN IVY to be inclusive in all we do. As a result, what we offer are well-designed and fashion-forward wardrobe classics at a very fair price point.


We want to make it easier for men navigate the dynamic world of fashion and help them dress extraordinary well. Our ambition is to educate, advise and supply the growing number of men who realize the impact of dressing well. And we are proud to provide men with the opportunity to excel.

AN IVY is on a mission to downplay the tie from being formal and for the business crowd only. Our goal is to reintroduce the tie in all aspects of life – from the office attire and the dinner date to the family gathering and coffee meetings with old friends. It doesn’t have to take much. And our mission is to show how elegantly and playful it can be done.


We take pride in a high level of personal service and know the importance of a close connection with our customers and followers. This shows in the way we personally respond to all requests, and are always present on social media when our potential customers have questions or comments.

Whether you don't know what to wear to a summer wedding, what tie that will do the best job paired with your grey suit or even where you should eat your lunch when in Paris, we are here for you. Please feel free to contact us.

Credible fashion


AN IVY is a natural extension of our own presence in the ever-exciting fashion world. By frequently traveling to all major fashion hubs and form opinions on our own instead of blindly following other’s, we pride ourselves by quickly reacting to trends and movements, and let it show in the way we design and market our products. At AN IVY we strive to be the best at helping you dress to your full potential. By letting us do what we do best, you can focus on excelling in your own life - doing what you do best.


We spend an enormously time on finding and picking the best possible suppliers to work with. These are often the same ones as your preferred fashion designers worldwide uses. Through time, we build up a strong and personal relationship with the owners and workers and make sure that their ethics and values are aligned with ours. We take our social responsibility very serious and our suppliers and factories have to do the same.