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Jesper Buch

Entrepreneur icon and founder of Just-Eat has designed his very own ties just as he prefers his: Timeless with eye for details and in the best possible quality.

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"I am a simple man and prefer my ties to be simple and narrow" See the full collection

Jesper Buch's ties have to be narrow, simple and timeless. So we teamed up with the entrepreneur icon to create a limited collection of his favorite ties.

  • Designed by Jesper Buch
  • 3 timeless colorways
  • 100% silk
  • Width: 5 cm

Jesper Buch is a simple man if you ask the entrepreneur himself. And this is exactly what his ties should symbolize. So his design pitch was very clear: They need to be narrow, in classic colorways and come in the best quality possible.

The entrepreneur icon is a simple man. It’s a mantra that caries through his way of living and it is likewise the essence of his very own personal style. 9 out of 10 times you will see him in his uniform: A pair of black trousers, a white shirt, a dark colored jacket or a vest paired with a solid colored, narrow tie.

Therefore simplicity and minimalism became the center when we decided to make a tie collection together. And now the collection is finally online.

“Generally, I think that a man looks better when wearing a tie. And I really appreciate being well dressed. Also in a time like now where most of our meetings are held over technologies such as Zoom,” Jesper Buch says.

“I am a simple man and I like simple things. So it is also pretty straightforward for me that my ties are simple. And this is what the collection together with the AN IVY-team is all about.”

The design collaboration between AN IVY and Jesper Buch consists of three timeless and essential ties. And they add a new and underplayed dimension to AN IVY’s universe of design.

The three ties come in one black, one navy and one grey colorway. The only thing that differs from these solid designs is the golden lion embroidery on the back the tie. This symbolizes AN IVY and Jesper Buch’s collaboration that started when he invested in AN IVY back in 2019 in the TV-program, Dragons Dent (The Lion’s Cave in Danish).

“I like the solid colored ties that has a few cool details which is the case in these ties with the lion-embroidery on the back. And ties need to be slim if you ask me,” the entrepreneur says.

All ties in the collection are 5 cm wide and come with AN IVY’s signature tricolore stitching in the tipping of the tie. If you let the back of the tie hang loose the tipping and the lion-embroidery will leave a cool and und understated look.

“It is really nice to have made these three ties in the simple and minimalistic style that Jesper prefers,” co-founder of AN IVY, Alexander Gram explains.

“Jesper is a consistent man in all aspects of life. This is the case in all of his investments, where he helps to move the Danish entrepreneur scene forward, and it is the case in the way he dresses. And I truly believe this collection has encapsulated this,” says Nikolaj Dylsing Olsen, the other co-founder of AN IVY.

The three Jesper Buch x AN IVY tie have just landed on the web shop and you can find them exclusively on our web shop. Limited, so act quick.

Get yours before it's too late. Limited edition. Jesper Buch x AN IVY. Timeless with a great eye for details.

  • Designed by Jesper Buch
  • 100% silk
  • Solid colors with cool details
  • Width: 5 cm