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Kristian Haagen

The famous watch expert wants to bring the neckerchief back on men's neck. 4 luxurious neckerchiefs and 1 tie, all inspired by his two favorite watches and his beloved camouflage pattern.


The neckerchief has been a part of Kristian Haagen's look as long as he remembers. All designs are inspired by his enviable watch collection and favorite pattern, camouflage.

  • Designed by Kristian Haagen
  • 4 Neckerchiefs and 1 Tie
  • 100% silk
  • Limitied Quantities
The watch expert, Kristian Haagen, wants to bring back the neckerchief

We are proud to reveal our collab with none other than the famous watch expert, Kristian Haagen. Together, we have crated a mini collection of 4 neckerchiefs and 1 tie in 100% silk. All the items are inspired by this favorite watches from his personal collection and his most beloved pattern, camouflage.

Normally, Kristian Haagen works within the industry of luxury watches. But in a new design collaboration, we teamed up with the watch expert to bring back the neckerchief.

Together we created a mini collection that is driven by our common love for luxurious accessories in silk. In particular, the neckerchief that Haagen has worn around his neck almost every day for many years. A true fascinator if you ask him.

“I always feel really well-dressed when I tie a neckerchief around my neck,” he explains and continuous:

»As a son of my father who often wore a neckerchief, I started to wear this myself in high school. Later I overtook my dog’s scarf and wore it for several years. Despite an actually pretty good quality, the scarf died eventually. And then why not create my own collection of neckerchiefs? Even made in the finest silk and in patterns and designs from my own head.«

The collection consists of four neckerchiefs and one tie. All made in 100% silk. In the collection you will find two neckerchiefs in the same colorway and pattern as two of his personal favorite watches from his very own collection: The Rolex GMT ‘Pepsi’ and the Patek Philippe Nautilus.

The other designs, two neckerchiefs and a tie, are subtle interpretations of the timeless camouflage pattern, Mr. Haagen’s favorite pattern.

»This is the first time we make neckerchiefs at AN IVY thus we add yet another product category to our growing portfolio of products. I couldn’t think of a better person to have onboard than good friend of the house, Kristian Haagen. The neckerchief is an integrated part of his uniform together with cargo pants, the significant eyewear and a pair of Red Wing-boots. This proofs that you don’t need to wear a suit on a daily basis to dress up and tying some silk around your neck – whether it’s a neckerchief or a tie«, says Alexander Gram, co-founder of AN IVY.

»I am really looking forward to see this collection on the streets, and around the neck of well-dressed men and women, « Kristian Haagen adds.

The collection is online only at our web shop but act quick, the collection is extremely limited.

Get yours before it's too late. Very limited quantities on these.

  • Kristian Haagen x AN IVY
  • Inspired by his favorite watches
  • And his beloved camouflage pattern
  • 100% silk
GUIDE: HOW TO TIE A NECKERCHIEF Explore the collection