“AN IVY. I have become addicted. I now have numerous of ties etc. and I couldn't live without one of them. They are stylish and in a fantastic quality - great for any sort of happening. I would have written my review with my AN IVY-pen if I could. The biggest recommendation from me.

Sebastian Wandahl Stenshøj

“The best on the market when it comes to accessories for men. Fantastic quality and design for a great price. Looking forward to receive the shipment every single time. 👔

Nikolaj Bjørk Christensen

“AN IVY is for me the only right place to go shopping for ties and pocket squares. Quality and customer service is amazing. You are guaranteed a product that will never go out of fashion. They are able to take old classics and give them a new and modern expression. Especially their knitted ties are brilliant if you want to tone your formal looks a bit down and keep it more casual. AN IVY cannot be recommended enough.

Simon Husth Marling

“AN IVY is able to combine the modern with the classic in an extremely excellent way. They got both ties for formal happenings and for the more casual ones. This combined with an excellent quality and a fantastic customer service make me come to AN IVY every time I have to buy myself a new tie.”

Rasmus Winding

“I can only recommend AN IVY. Their ability to combine the modern and the classic is timeless. Besides the design, the quality is also very good and paired with a customer service that I have not experienced anywhere else, is the reasons that I don't buy my ties anywhere else.

Jonas Jensen

“I have shopped at AN IVY many times now. Both ties and accessories. Extremely happy with the products - and the fact that the service is great makes the whole experience perfect. A lot of businesses could learn a lot from the boys behind this business. Good job.

Rasmus Christensen

“AN IVY was the first and proper ties that I ever bought and actually use. Their interpretation of the modern tie is both classic and timeless. Yet it is not something you find anywhere else. They actually make me want to wear a tie every single day. Quality and customer service is amazing. I give them my greatest recommendations.”

Alexander Neergaard

“I have from the very beginning been a huge fan of the way they design. They accomplish to make products that are clean but also with a slight edge. Simultaneously they have the ability to renew themselves over and over again. That is why I will always recommend AN IVY.

Jonas Bang Andersen

“Really cool, clean and nice ties. Their pocket squares and tie bars are the perfect companion for the ties. You cannot put a finger on the quality and the price is affordable. I can highly recommend AN IVY.

Thomas Sebastian Dew Hattens

“I ordered

Jesper Fruelund

“AN IVY is without a doubt the place I go to when my passion for menswear has to be fed. They got the very best selection of accessories for the modern man here in Denmark. Whether you are into the preppy way of dressing like me, or you just need a tie for a wedding or so, AN IVY is here to help. Also, with their selection of pocket squares, beanies etc. you got everything you need in order to dress impeccable. Their service is unmatched and there is also a personal message from the boys, when the package arrives.

Simon Petersen

“AN IVY has for a long time now been my favorite tie-pusher as style, quality and price is united in the finest way. On top of this, it comes with a great and personal service, where you really feel appreciated as a customer.

Daniel Rosenkilde Larsen

“AN IVY offers a modern and classic approach to the tie that I am a huge fan of. Their knitted ties has for a long time now been a favorite to #tiewednesday, but their regimental striped ties has also proved themselves to be sure winners.

Together with the fact that the customer service and delivery time is great, they have my sincerest recommendations. Their webshop surely gets a visit when I need to buy new ties again. Do you yourself a favor and sign up for their newsletter.”

Magnus Gotfredsen