Tie bars

The Essential Tie Bars

A tie bar should play a vital role in the modern man’s wardrobe. It’s that little piece of metal that makes shirt-and-tie combos come to life. And it’s that small detail that make a huge difference for your look.

Our tie bars are made in a superior quality and are designed very simple. We especially prefer the tie bars in gold and silver. But when we want to add a little extra twist to our looks the colored tie bars are a perfect way.

How To Wear A Tie Bar

Often we get the question on how to wear a tie bar. Actually it’s super easy. Just make sure the tie bar isn’t wider than your tie and place it between your 3rd and 4th button on your shirt from the top.

Whenever you are in doubt, go for one in silver or gold. They work. But if you want to add something extra try one in colors. Like a light-blue tie bar for your dark blue ties. It’s super cool!