A true classic in the modern man’s wardrobe – the navy double-breasted blazer. Here are six ways to style it. From white jeans to the recipe for smart casual. 

There are a few things that a man needs in his wardrobe. A good white oxford shirt for example. And a great pair of leather shoes such as a brogue or a pair of oxford. A good suit is also a pretty decisive thing for a man to have. And when you have a few things like these to be the backbone of your wardrobe, you can play a little bit more. And one of the first playful things we added to our own wardrobe was a double-breasted blazer. Perhaps because of the enormous amounts of times we have seen it on some of our style heroes such as Nick Wooster, Alessandro Squarzi and David Beckham. There is just something about wearing a double-breasted blazer. It’s both elegant and cool at the same time.

Perhaps the most versatile double-breasted blazer of them all is the one in navy. Like a good single-breasted suit, it can be worn in so many different ways. And that is what we are going to show you here. We styled this amazing jacket in six of our favorite ways to wear it. The blazer is from our good Swedish friends from Oscar Jacobson (no, this post is – unfortunately for us, as we had to pay for the suit – not sponsored).

Full Suit And A Navy Silk Tie

Wearing the full suit is always an option. It’s a no-brainer and will leave you look amazing, every single time. When wearing the full suit we prefer wearing it with a silk tie. An all blue look (except from a white shirt) is one of our favorite looks and ‘The Emperor’ really helps finishing this look with great class. ‘The Italian’ helps integrating the white from the shirt with the blue in rest of the outfit. What shoes you pair with this is pretty decisive when it comes to how serious or dressed up you want to look. You can always go for a great pair of leather shoes, but we decided to make it a bit more casual with a pair of white sneakers.

With Army Green

Because of the navy color, you have many choices when it comes to picking the right pair of trousers (as you also will see in the next styling). We love pairing navy blue with army green. The two colors really goes well together and rocking the army green trousers makes the look a bit more casual than it does wearing matching trousers like the first outfit. Again, because blue and green is such a great match we finished the outfit with the blue paisley silk tie, ‘The First’ and added a green pocket square to make the look come even better together.

With Washed Blue Jeans

If you – like us – are into this mix and match style, wearing a washed pair of blue jeans together with the navy double-breasted blazer is a great way of doing so. The rugged and more casual feel coming from the jeans paired with the elegancy of the blazer really creates a strong look. To keep things casual we added a solid knit tie in grey which works brilliantly. The pocket square with the green borders again work because of the great combination of blue and army green.

White Jeans

If you have followed our stuff just a bit, you know we are into white jeans. Like all the other well-dressed men from Pitti Uomo etc. The great thing with white jeans is the easiness of pairing shirts and jackets to them due to the versatility coming from the white color. We really love this look. An open blue-striped shirt, the double-breasted blazer and a white pocket square with navy borders to make the whole look come together. Worn with loafers and the perfect on-the-go document bag.

Your Best Grey Trousers

You already have them in your wardrobe. If you haven’t already, you should find some. We prefer those from Gant Rugger or again Oscar Jacobson due to their trousers in charcoal. In fact buy the whole suit and then mix and match with your favorite navy suit. Like here – the navy double-breasted blazer works amazingly together with charcoal trousers. Add a stand-out tie like ‘The Taped Grey’ and a smile like Alexander and you are ready to conquer the world. Or at least you just look good while trying. Again, the pocket square compliments the rest of the look due to the familiarity of the grey color the pocket square has. Again, to tone things down again, we like to add our white sneakers to the look.

Smart Casual

This is how to nail smart-casual if you ask us. Add a pair of beige trousers/chinos, a colored knit tie, a white oxford button down shirt and a eye-catching tie bar. It will work during summer weddings, zipping wine at the terrace or anything in between.