Want to be a little cooler on Instagram? This is how to take your Instagram-level up a notch.  The best way to show how great your shirt-and-tie combos are.

Chances are, that if you follow us on Instagram (@anivycopenhagen), you know we enjoy a good chestie. If you do not know what it is, it’s pretty similar to a selfie, however instead of the picture is about you and your pretty face, the focus is on what you wear around your chest. Such as a blazer, shirt, tie and pocket square.

Having taken quit a lot during our years, we know it can be pretty difficult to make it look cool. Perhaps you know the struggle too. So we contacted the best of the best. Mr. Chestie aka. @thedressedchest. This guy knows something about taking the best possible chestie. If you don’t follow him already, you need to. His blazer-shirt-tie-combos are just insane. Currently more than 173.000 people are enjoying these so if you want to raise your following as a result of you improving the quality of your style-photos, this is a guy to listen to. He talks about the secret behind a great chestie, how to get the perfect lighting and how to edit the photo exceptionally. Pay attention, guys. This can seriously improve your Instagram-game.

Rainier, your chesties are perfect and probably the best on the WWW. What is the secret behind taking the amazing chesties that you do?

I think it’s just lots of practice and trial and error. If you see the first chesties on my feed you will observe that they were pretty inconsistent and that quality was bad. After taking literally thousands of chest photos I guess more than anything I get an idea of where the camera lens should be relative to my arm and chest.

What is important when choosing what to wear on the picture?

I think it depends on what I want to show off. For example if I have a new striped tie I work the outfit around that tie. That means choosing other accessories that play off the colors of the stripes, figuring out what patterns match, and what jacket’s appropriate for the weather and the outfit. If I have nothing in particular I want to present then it just depends on my mood. I have a lot of go-to color combos – blue and brown, gray and blue, and so on – so I just work off of those colors.

How do you get the lightning right?

The lighting really depends on the weather and the time of day. I’m lucky enough to live in what is basically a perpetual cloud of fog, which scatters light nicely and gives an even light for my chesties. If it’s too sunny then I wait for just a bit before or after sunset to take my photos, when the sun doesn’t shine directly on my chest and cast awkward shadows in my photos.

Which editing program do you use?

I use three of them. First, I send my photos to Snapseed, where I crop and tweak lighting and color details. After that I send my photos to VSCO, which I think has some of the best photo adjustment presets for mobile devices. Lastly I use some of Instagram’s photo editing tools. Never IG’s filters though, as those can be too much.

Take us through your best tips that people has to think about before taking the chesty and hitting ‘post’ on Instagram?

  1. Mind the details! This I think is the most important. Posting closeups of your chest means the details come into full view. So if the tie is off-center, the shirt is wrinked, or your pin is upside-down, then those mistakes get magnified in a chestie because that’s all the viewer is looking at.
  1. If you’re using your phone to take your chestie, do not use the front-facing camera (the selfie camera). Generally, those cameras create lower-quality photos than the rear-facing camera. People notice that dip in quality.
  1. Try, try, and try again. If you’re following Step 2, then you won’t get to see what the chestie looks like until after you take the photo. So take your chest shot (or try a bunch at slightly different heights and angles) and review the photos you just took. If you didn’t get it right, then you can always try again. Once you take the right photo you can go back and delete the others.
  1. Avoid taking chesties indoors or with bad lighting. Generally speaking, unless you’ve got a professional studio just for chesties, indoor lighting will be insufficient and will bring the quality of your images down a notch – making your photos either blurry or grainy (depending on your ISO and shutter speed settings).

Who is your favorite ‘chestie-guy on Instagram?

There are quite a few! I liked @matthewgraber‘s chesties a lot back when he did them, though nowadays he’s been focusing more on flatlays. Former fellow San Franciscan @imchanism had some good chesties as well. If you’re talking about IGers who post primarily chesties, then there’s @tt5351, @gasketraynes, and @runnineverlong.