If you had these five types of shirts, everything would be just fine style-wise. The must-haves for modern man, if you ask us. 

Lets imagine you had no clothes at all. You had to start from scratch. Where would you start? Well, besides for underwear and perhaps a decent pair of trousers, we would start with shirts. But what shirts? That is just what we want to discuss in the article. Because a wardrobe is only as good as it’s backbone. And these five shirts are for us the backbone of the modern man’s wardrobe. Miss any of these in your wardrobe? Go invest. You deserve it. And you will never regret investing in these modern essentials.

1. The White Oxford Button Down Shirt

For us, this is shirt no.1 – like it was for style icon John F. Kennedy and is for many other style icons including the likes of Nick Wooster and Ryan Gosling. No shirt even comes close. You can wear this to pretty much anything and on any occasions. It works brilliantly with a suit and a tie, like it’s great for a pair of jeans or even slacks. Just make sure that the one you choose has the correct collar length. Many shirts today are made with such a slim collar that it’s almost impossible to wear it with a tie. And that is actually the meaning of this shirt – the buttons (as it’s called a button down) has the purpose of making sure the tie is in position every second. We love the ones from Thom Browne, Brooks Brothers and Gant (Rugger). But stay put – you will see us launch our very own pretty soon. YES!!

2. The Blue Oxford Button Down Shirt

Yes, we love oxford shirts this much that we couldn’t live without one in (light)blue as well. Like the white one, it’s the perfect balance item between formal and casual. But where the blue one really takes off is when going for the all preppy look. Wear it with a pair of light brown chinos, a striped silk tie and a navy blazer with gold buttons. But actually, wear this shirt basically to anything. It’s that good. Enjoy! Again, Thom Browne, Brooks Brothers and Gant (Rugger) makes great ones. Like the Parisien brand, Officine Générale does too.

3. The Blue Business Shirt 

Yes, a man can’t live without a shirt that says ‘now it is time for business’. And that is just what this one does. But why do we prefer this from the white shirt? Actually, it’s because the blue shirt makes all your favorite suit look so much better. Yes, the white is a great choice as well, but not much beat a great blue shirt paired with a grey or navy suit. Also, it makes your business look a bit more fresh and non-uniform like, which we are really into. A lot of brands makes a great one here, but Italian brand Canali and English Paul Smith is two of our favorites.

4. The Madras Check Shirt 

Yes, we could stop now with just white and blue shirts. Add stripes and then you are there. But that would be too boring. And style has to be fun as well. And that is just why we love a Madras shirt. The checked pattern that often comes in multiple colors just gives your look a super cool edge. It can be sported under a classic blazer, or it can be used as a layer underneath your sweaters. Perfect for weekend attires. The best ones comes from the original makers of these, Gitman Vintage. A sure winner every single time!

5. The Denim Shirt 

We all need a little touch of denim in our wardrobe. And this doesn’t have to come from jeans. The denim shirt is a sure thing. It will compliment your khaki chinos perfectly, it will add a nice contrast to your suits (like in the picture on top) and it looks amazing when paired with the correct jeans. The shirt comes in many forms and colors and there are no clear “rules” when it comes to finding the perfect ones. We prefer ours in this real washed, blue color – but perhaps you look better in a darker or lighter one. Just find the one you are in love with and wear it over and over again. If you buy one in a great quality, it will only get better with age. Danish Norse, Parisienne A.P.C and Italian Aspesi makes some amazing ones.