The Italian wines that professionals drink right now. And the style moves that goes with them.

A year back we talked about the best rosés for the summer. And a couple of months ago, we then talked about some of the best wines that don’t break your bank. Now it’s time to broaden up your know-how once more when it comes to wine. When having guests over, we have one primary rule to keep them happy: serve great wine. It simply works every single time.

As the theme this week is ‘Italy’, where we earlier dug into the best dressed Italian footballers, this list of course only contains Italian wine. Perhaps also Danmark’s favorite wine country over-all? Of course, most love a great Bordeaux og Bourgogne, but there is something special when it comes to wines from Italy. Perhaps it’s just because of the country’s overall focus on good things? From clothing to food to wine, they just have it all. But in a wine world with hundreds of thousands different bottles, how do you find the right one? We called for some professional help and luckily our friends frok, Erik Sørensen Wine and their sommeliers helped us out. Therefore we present to you the four Italian wines to drink right now. Cheers, guys! Oh, and to make sure you are dressing like a true Italian, we added a little ‘what to wear’-note on each.

2015 Chianti Rúfina, Villa Travignoli, DOCG

Villa Travignoli can be dated back to 500 BC where the first wines were planted here. This Chianti is made of 100% Sangiovese (perhaps Italy’s finest grapes along with Nebbiolo) from a good slope headed south in the finest part of Rufina. The taste is true Toscana-like. Lots of fruit, some tones of spices with an incredible soil too. The wine is bottled after stored one year on the domain. A classic Chianti that is unites both firmness, fruit and style which can be enjoyed young, but when you buy 6 or more (and you want to do that, trust us here – especially for this price), you can enjoy it the next 4-5 years.

Price: 85 DKK

What to wear: A classic solid knit tie. A style that Italians have trusted for decades – and for good reason too.

2012 Brunello di Montalcino, Tenuta Celestino Pecci, DOCG

    Celestino Pecci is one of the new stars in Brunello. Instead of getting a good-old fashioned job at an office, which many people did in Sant’ Antimo where he comes from, he wanted to create beautiful wines. So he bought 40 acres of land in Montalcino and thats when the magic begun. Today, it  is actually his daughter – one of the few women wineproducers in Montalcino – who runs the place.

    Pecci is very much known for its Brunellos. It’s made with an intense precision. The grapes comes from the oldest wines they have. The must ferments in stainless steal and is then stored at least three years in big oak barrels before it is bottled. Before the wine ever gets access to the market, the bottle is furthermore stored one year. This brunello impresses with its subtle tannins where fruit and elegance is its main driver.

    Price: 350 DKK

    What to wear: Italian socks (of course) and a pair of loafers. The favorite shoe-choice for most Italian styleicons. 

    2013 Barolo Tenuta Reverdito, la Morra, DOCG

    Barolo. The king of Italy when it comes to wine, some say. And Michele Reverdito who took over from his father in 1999, is one of those who knows how to make great Barolos – and even at accessible prices. Michele makes pretty much everything himself with help from his family including his sister, Sabina, who runs the cellar. This family owned winery focus on quality rather than quantity, why they don’t produce very much of its wine coming from the slopes around la Morra in Barolo. Barolo is made of Nebbiolo – a grape that creates elegant and velvety wines, which is kept together thanks to tight tannins. This one is a juice and very straightforward Barolo that can deliver already in a very young age. And with only 14.000 bottles produced a year, you can’t say this is mass-produced.

    Price: 170 DKK

    What to wear: A dashing striped blue shirt and a paisley patterned silk tie. That’s serious business. 

    2015 MaraMia Sangiovese, Tenuta Mara, Emilia-Romagna

    Giordano Emendatori created the house Mara (named after his wife) in 2000 og hereby fulfilled his lifedream of creating amazing wines. And this man has some serious thoughts about how to make wine. One of the most clear examples of this is that he plays Mozart for his wine, as he (and some others actually) believes that the rhythms coming from the Austrian genius can help regulating the life cycles through the seasons. Now that’s a cool story to tell your dinner party when serving it!

    All grapes are handpicked, the picking is tough why only the best grapes are used. The wine is rich of flower aromas, and is both fruity and has a touch of spices. A real complex wine that has an incredible balance. A very important note on this one is to decant it some time before serving as the sulfur substances from the biodynamic production has to be oxygenate away. Guys, this is a fun wine made from the aforementioned Sangiovese grape. Happy drinking.

    Price: 400 DKK

    What to wear: A fluffy pocket square. All Italian men are suckers for a well-chosen and well-folded pocket square. You should become too.