White wines from one of the best white wine producers in the world. And of course some from Meursault, Burgundy

White wine is pretty high on our summer essential list. Whether it is zippin’ some with good friends on a terrace or as a refresher before dinner, drinking a great bottle of cold white wine is just a part of the good summer life. In this wine guide we have once again teamed up with our good friends from Erik Sørensen Vin from Copenhagen to find some wines that both taste good and has a great story to tell. Drinking wine you know something about is just so much more fun, why getting your wines from your local wine shop instead of the super market is highly recommended if you ask us. So what have the sommeliers and experts from Erik Sørensen Vin recommended this time? Lets take a look.

2015 Meursault les Clous, Domaine Bouchard Père et Fils

If you ask most wine lovers what area they prefer their wines from, most will say Burgundy, France. It’s the place that produces some of the most elegant, powerful and rare wines in the world. If you then talk about white burgundy, Meursault is on top. The wines are made from Chardonnay and are known for butter, honey, and citrus fruits and on the palate it is rich and fat with a cheerful and appealing taste of hazelnut. Unctuousness and freshness are in silky balance. This one is from one of the oldest wine makers in Burgundy, Bouchard Pére et Fils and the grapes come from ‘Les Clous’ which is located in Côte de Beaune. If you want to try a classic Meursault, this could be a great start and it’s even on sale right now so you wont break the bank when doing so. Not bad, right? On top of that, 2015 is indeed a great vintage.

Price: 300 DKK – Shop

2016 Riesling from Zind-Humbrecht

One of the 10 best wine producers in the world”. The words come from the well recognized wine critic, Robert Parker. The words are about Oliver Humbrect who is now in charge of the Domaine Zind-Humbrect that was created back in 1959. Saying that to your guest while drinking these would probably make the experience of the wine so much more better, right? What is interesting about these wines are you get to know the importance of terroir. Terrois refers to the types of ground the wines are grown in. Here there are basically three types: calcium, volcanic and granite and they all have their own individual taste. The one from the calcium terroir has the most acid, the volcanic got some power to it and the granite is more exotic. You should do yourself a favor and try to taste these up against each other and you will be able to experience the difference. Not a bad way to start a good night with your boys. The expression of terroir, conveyed through Riesling from Alsace, is reinforced by cultivating the vines organically and according to biodynamic principles.

Price: 1320 DKK for 6 bottles (2 of each) in a ‘tasting box’ or 275 DKK for each bottle