Great style is not by accident. It is by thinking about the small details. Here is your guide to how you can upgrade your style with some well-chosen man-bling. Featuring some of the coolest new, danish brands. 

All photos by Victor Jones.

A man’s hands can say a lot about who he is. Is he married (wedding band)? From a well-to-do family (signet ring)? Likewise, the watch he is wearing can help you identify his personality. Does he fancy the good old times by wearing a vintage Rolex or Omega? Or perhaps he shows he is a sports-type-of-guy by wearing a sport-watch. Or finally, he knows what is up by sporting one of those great watches from great new danish designers.

No doubt in our minds: A few well-chosen accessories on your wrist and fingers can seriously upgrade your outfit. The signet rings has never been more cool. Likewise, it has never been easier to have a great watch. Yes, you can go classic with Omegas and Rolex, but a great watch comes in every price points now. And they look amazing. Finally, a watch is not the only man-bling that we men have to upgrade our wrist. Wearing a bracelet has never been more fashionable. A classic silver cuff bracelet will do the job like one mixing metal with cord in those warp-around-your-arm bracelets.

Being much into all these details (and having launched our very own bracelets) we decided to team up with some of the great and upcoming danish jewelry and watch-designers to show the different possibilities that comes with these new rules of men style. These are the ones to watch – now and in the future. So a big thank you to Larsen & Eriksen, About Vintage, Orlo Watches and Frederik IX for making this possible!

On the topic of rocking these new men accessories, we got one very important tip we wanted to share with you.  Though it’s not a rule, but a simple benchmark if you are in doubt on how to put your hands together so to speak: THINK IN COLOR COMBINATIONS!

So here it is. Our favorite combinations when we rock man-bling featuring the most interesting danish brands we could think off. 


Think about what colors you use normally. If you often wear blue, a watch with watch with a brown leather strap is a great choice. And the combination of brown, gold and blue is one of our absolute favorites. It’s a classic preppy combination. Here, we styled the classic blue striped shirt together with a beautiful watch from the new Danish brand, Larsen & Eriksen. Costing only 1000 DKK it’s a watch everybody can afford and a watch we all look sharp in. It’s got a classic appeal, while stile having a modern shape. Because of the gold border of the watch, we made the watch even cooler by adding our Preppy Hook with a likewise golden hook paired with a navy cord. Again, complementary colors makes this whole look come to life.

Here, the color combination is the same. Though, this time we styled it with a more colorful watch coming from the great danish brand, Orlo. The green color in the watch compliments the brown and grey shades very well, why this look comes together despite of many details in just one picture. The observant reader might notice that we also added a ring and bracelet into this – both in silver. Can you really put gold and silver in the same look you might ask? We will let you be the judge, however, we truly believe this very old “rule” is outdated with several decades. Having a silver watch does not mean you cannot wear anything gold etc. The amazing silver bracelet is from yet another new danish jewelry brand, namely FREDERIK IX. Crafted in sterling silver making sure it will keep your wrist looking fly despite being treated harshly. The signet ring we chosen here is likewise from FREDERIK IX and gives the look the icing of the cake.


If you are in doubt, you can always trust the classic color combination like black and silver. The combination of a minimalist. Here, we have a fantastic black-and-silver watch from another new danish watch-brand, About Vintage. The watch is from their Swiss Made-collection made in an Italien Leather Strap and features a scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass making sure it will follow you for a life time. To compliment the watch we added once again the clean and simple silver bracelet and ring from FREDERIK IX.

Above is another example of how you can mix and match back and silver. Here, we chose a vintage Omega Watch from our personal collection and paired it with the Signet Ring and All Black Hook.


If the black-and-silver combination is for the minimalist, the all-silver one is for the simple type. If you don’t want your man-bling to get too much attention, this is the way to do it. The all silver bracelet and signet ring compliments the watch without taking anything away from this beautiful, vintage Rolex Datejust.

If you for some reason don’t like to wear a watch, you can still make sure your wrist is fly. However, you might want to double it up by wearing two bracelet at the same wrist. For example, wear the classic silver cuff bracelet together with a more rugged and refined one.