Last day of the year. Might as well be a well-dressed one. This is what to wear to look your best this New Years Eve.

Yet another year has passed. We sincerely hope it has been a good one – one for the books. But before talking too much about the year to come, we better make this special night a well-dressed one. But what to wear, you might ask? We got a few suggestions. Of course, the Bow Tie is a pretty obvious choice, just as the White Pocket Square is. But a tie can be just as cool as a bow tie, if you just choose it wisely. So lets begin – this is our six favorite looks for the last night of the year.

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1: The Tuxedo 


If you are ever in doubt, you can always turn to your tuxedo. As long as it is fitted right, you can pretty much never go wrong here. We prefer our tuxedos in black or navy. Black is the 101-classic one, while the navy can set you a part if you expect most other men in the room to wear a tux – because they will most likely rock one in black. Keep things classic with a beautiful silk bow tie and add a crisp white pocket square to set the tone.

2: The White Dinner Jacket

We simply love the white dinner jacket. It’s such a classic piece and ever since we saw Mr. 007 rock one from time to time in the amazing James Bond-movies, it has been a jacket we adore. Wearing one just feels amazing. Pair it with a crisp tailored pair of shiny black trousers – tuxedo pants are preferred – to compliment it best. Always wear a bow tie together with it. And we recommend to keep it simple, why black is the color to choose. However, it does not necessarily have to be one in silk. The black velvet bow tie adds a nice textured contrast to the fine white jacket, which really put this look together.

3: Go Double

As we mentioned in the intro, the bow tie is not the only way to go this New Years Eve. As the dress code have gotten more and more blurry, a tie can actually be a pretty cool move to do this special evening. But to set it a bit a part from your regularly going-out-tonight-look, we got a few suggestions. First of all, go double – which means go for the double breasted blazer. Second, pair it with a contrasting pair of trousers. Like grey and navy here. Third, add your finest pair of shiny shoes. Fourth, choose a dashing, striped silk tie. Fifth, add a golden tie bar. And last, but not least, fold your white pocket square clean and neat.

4: Add Color

New Years Eve does not to be all square. Not just all black and white. But not all colors are cool – at least, not if you ask us. However, the burgundy one can set you a part. It’s a warm and elegant color that is a perfect compliment to your finest pair of trousers, shoes and white shirt. It gives your look some edge, while still being under-played.

5: Break The Rules

While it can be an easy choice to go with the flow and stay within the rules of “formal wear”, it can sometimes be funny to be a bit more creative and rock whatever you actually fee like. And it was just this we had in mind when we made this look come to life. A great black velvet blazer paired with one of our favorite grey silk ties. And instead of matching it with a equally black pair of trousers as the blazer itself, we paired it with a lighter pair of trousers to give the great blazer even more attention. Not your average tuxedo-thinking. The icing on the cake comes with the tie bar and the perfectly folded white pocket square.

6: Think Turtle 

Okay, say you are not a tie-guy. Or one that likes to rock a bow tie. Does that mean you have to look as you do most of your working days? Not at all. But you do have to find a blazer that is more edgy than the rest in your wardrobe. Like a velvet blazer in a warm camel color. And to stay within the lines of the formality of New Years Eve, the turtleneck sweater is your best friend. It gives you a formal and elegant touch without having to add too many accessories. But boy, do we demand that you at least wear a pocket square to that great blazer. Then it actually is a pretty bad-ass way of dressing.