The tie is not reserved for fine dining and formal events. It’s for your denim jacket, casual shirts and much more. See how you wear a tie more casually. 

You might think that a tie is all reserved to evenings with fine dining. To the times when you really need to impress. Think again. A tie is so much more than this. Like a shirt, it’s a everyday-item to say the least. It’s a piece that not only gives new life to old shirts, but an item that can make your outfit go from nice to cooler-than-cool. Often here at the office, we actually don’t wear a suit together with our ties. Some days it’s just too stiff, if you ask us, killing our creativity. So we started to mix things up and now it’s actually our preferred way of dressing. Mixing formal with informal. Like a tie paired with a denim jacket. Or white sneakers with our finest trousers.

So we have a prayer: think in different ways you can wear your tie. But don’t worry, you don’t need to start from scratch like we did. We are here to help. This is our guide on how to wear a tie casually. Five neat ways to incorporate the tie on a daily manner.

1. Colored Jeans

Okay, we start off small. You know that cool, favorite blazer of yours? Pair it with a colored pair of jeans. It could be a pair like the above in olive green. It could be a pair of brown jeans, grey jeans etc. The thing is that the jeans breaks with the formal coming from the blazer, white shirt and a the tie. To make the bottom part of the outfit even less formal, we paired it with a white pair of sneakers. Likewise a classic way of wearing a tie casually.

If you do it really good (if you ask us) you try to compliment colors. The white pocket square with the olive green borders compliments both the jeans, the sneakers and the shirt. Not bad for just one item, right?

2. Roll Up Your Sleeves

Like the trick with the colored jeans, this one is easy as well. Pick your favorite knitted tie (this is indeed our favorite right now) pick a shirt that compliments it (here, stripes on stripes), and then roll up the sleeves on the shirt. The difference between you having your sleeves rolled up or not makes a huge difference. It might not seem like it, but trust us on this one.

3. Go Denim

Not many shirts can beat the ones in denim. The expression it makes is both rugged and cool. And again, pairing this casual, informal shirt with the tie works every single time. If you want to roll up your sleeves are not are all up to you. We like the color combination denim and grey, why we chose a grey hopsack suit pants to wear it with. And yes, the loafers are more than cool and appropriate during winter times as well. These ones are from G.H. Bass.

4. Cardigan and Jeans

So what if it’s too cold for just wearing a shirt thus needing another layer. Yes, the blazer is the classic way. But try to mix things up a bit and rock a cardigan now and then. Because of the V-shape the cardigan takes, it’s the perfect item when you want to showcase how you master the art of  shirt-and-tie combos. See how a pretty formal shirt and silk tie can become way less formal with the choice of cardigan. This whole look comes to life because of the classic, slim fit black jeans and the brown brogues. Brogues and jeans is a perfect match. You could even wear a blazer to this look and it would still be pretty laid back.

5. The Jacket

We think you got this now. The blazer is not the only jacket you can rock with your tie. We love to wear a tie together with a denim jacket like above, a suede biker jacket, a bomber jacket or even a military field jacket. Again, formal and informal together. Here, we actually went for denim on denim. It can work, just make sure there is some contrast to the two of them. Here, a light brown paired with a light blue. Because of the light colors, we choose a tie with similar expression. And of course, to make it even cooler, finished with a great pair of chelsea boots and the essential Document/Computer bag.