If you do not know this gentleman already, you are missing out. Missing out on what, you may ask? STYLE. Oh boy, do Mr. Oscar Hiljemark knows how to dress. The Swedish professional football player, currently representing the Italian team, Genoa, in Serie A has been a style inspiration for us for years. Especially his ability to wear a suit casually is something that we truly admire. He was named one of the most stylish men in Sweden by the Swedish Fashion Magazine, Café Magazine (quite obviously, if you ask us) and makes us envy his wardrobe every single time he post a picture on Instagram. We finally had a chance to catch up with him to discuss his elegant, but laid back style, how he handles the turbulent times as a player and what he likes most about Italy. And don’t forget to follow his great Instagram right here.

You seem like a man who appreciates a good suit worn in a casual style (and boy, do you know how to do it). Do you have any tips for men trying to do the same?

Answer: To me, style is very personal and can be a lot different from person to person. One thing I believe is extremely important is the fit. If you want to feel comfortable in a suit the fit is everything. And always remember that the fit is different when it comes to materials. My personal style is as you say a bit more casual, I like to dress down my suits with sneakers and or accessories to match my age. When it comes to suits, the accessories makes a big difference, a T-shirt instead of a shirt makes it more casual, so do sneakers instead of brogues or loafers. But make sure that you always feel comfortable in your clothes, for me that is the most important thing.

And what does the Italian’s think of your dressing style? Too laid back or do they enjoy the variety?

I don’t really know actually. I hope they like it but to be honest I can’t answer that question with 100% accuracy, haha.

You were (rightly) a part of the best dressed men in Sweden list done by Café Magazine this year – but who do you yourself admire style wise from men all over the world?

I always try to be open minded about inspiration from other people I meet, and especially now with the Internet, it’s so easy to find people who dress well on instagram etc. To name a few, David Beckham (of course) and Lalle Johnson both inspire me a lot. Likewise, the Instagram pages @official.roses and @gentlemen_wear_daily is awesome.

What is the 3-5 items that every man should have in his wardrobe?

A pair of white sneakers, a navy blue suit, a white oxford shirt, a crispy white T-shirt and one pair of blue jeans. With these 5 items you get a long way.

Got any personal favorite items in your wardrobe?

I need to admit that I don’t actually. But if I have to say something, white shirts and T-shirts is dominating my wardrobe.

Looking back at what you have worn the last 5-10 years – do you have any regrets? Any moments where you now think ‘what was I thinking?’

Haha, definitely! Not so much the last 5 years maybe but when I was younger I had some outfits that just didn’t work out. But that’s also something everyone has to go through before you find your way of dressing.

Now living in Italy for some year – what’s your favorite part of the country?

Italy is great, when it comes to food, fashion, beautiful places and the wine here is definitely top quality. I think Florence is a fantastic city, but the whole north Italy has so much to give to be honest.

Many young boys are dreaming of becoming a professional football player. Why did you accomplish this when so many others do not? Working harder than anyone else? Talent?

First of all, I’m so happy and thankful for having the opportunity to work with my dream. When it comes to success, I think it’s a mix between talent and luck, but mostly it is hard work. Some people may not get the chance to show themselves but if you do, you have to be ready to take it.

You have experienced a lot during your career. Appraised greatly in Sweden almost from your debut at Allsvenskan, being transferred to Holland at an early age, struggles with injuries, winning 2015 U21 European Championship, assisting a crucial goal to avoid relegation with Palermo and now came to Genoa. How have you experienced all of this and how have you handled it?

A football carrier is an adventure; I’ve played for titles and championships but also for relegation. I always try to do my best and enjoy every situation because I think it makes you a better person in the end. Football life can be amazing but also very tough, you have to find a stable foundation to stand on and always try to be yourself – same as in normal life.